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5 Ways To Have A Stellar Wedding With A Starry Night Theme

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If you’re looking for a romantic theme for your wedding, there can be little better than creating a “starry night” motif. And it can be done to suit just about anyone’s taste and budget. Here are 5 ideas for any couple. String Lights. Filling the ceiling or sky over your wedding venue with strings of small white lights creates a dazzling effect. You can string these lights in a number of ways—from a central point on the ceiling and radiating outward to all corners; draped individually from rafters or tree limbs, creating a tunnel entrance; or strung straight across the venue’s ceiling from side to side. A full starry ceiling can mean a lot of work, so you may want to hire a professional who is experienced in large-scale event lighting. Lanterns. Hang star-shaped lanterns or lanterns with star-shaped holes strategically around the venue—from the ceiling, from backdrops behind the cake or ceremony location, or among your ceiling string lights—for a chic look. Mix and match stellar lanterns with other lighting focal points, such as boxy glass lanterns, star-shaped garlands, and formal chandeliers.  Disco Lamps. You can use any of a large variety of disco-style lamps with starry or pinpoint openings to project a sea of stars onto the walls or ceiling of the venue. Use a single large globe to cover the walls or dance floor, or opt for a small globe with a candle inside to project stars onto the cake, individual tables, or buffet area. For a fun variation on this idea, talk with an event lighting professional about using a multi-colored lighting globe or rotating colors.  Starry Linens. If you want to dress up the tables and centerpieces, you can use starry backdrops in your accessories and linens. Sequined table cloths, napkins, and drapes create a fun, star-like effect easily. Or, you can DIY your stars using black or midnight blue linens and carefully spreading glitter on them, then placing complementary china place settings with gold metallic accent pieces on top. Use a black chalkboard with stars drawn on it or glittery craft paper to make announcements, direct guests, identify buffet foods, and provide place cards or menus.  Fireworks. Want to finish your romantic night with a bang… literally? At the end of the evening, accompany your guests outside for a professional fireworks display that rivals the actual stars.  Whether you want to wish upon a star or dream of them, you can create a beautiful starry evening on any wedding budget. For professional assistance, contact an event lighting company like Orange Frog...

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Things You Might Not Think About When Choosing A Wedding Venue

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If you’ve recently become engaged, hopefully you’ve at least begun thinking about the type of venue you’d like to hold your wedding at. Surely there are some basic considerations that will come to mind when you think about your ideal wedding hall. For instance, will it be inside or outside? How large of a venue will you need for your anticipated guest list? Beyond these basics, however, there are a lot of additional factors you may not think to consider: How Will You Pay? It’s no secret that weddings are expensive, but renting-out a venue can often be one of the most pricey aspects of your big day. Therefore, you’ll want to figure out your payment options for the venue ahead of time. These days, there lots of different payment options by many venues. Some will require a deposit followed by monthly payments, whereas others may prefer that you pay in full at the time of reservation. Some may simply require you to have paid the balance off by the day of your ceremony. Know your budget and find a venue with payment options that suit your needs. Oh, and don’t forget to make sure you get a detailed list of what’s included by your venue and what’s not; for example, don’t just assume the venue will provide chairs and tables. What About Parking? While it’s obvious that you’ll need to find a venue that’s large enough to accommodate everybody in your party, you don’t want to overlook the parking situation. Just because a venue is large enough for all of your guests, this doesn’t necessarily mean that parking will be ample. Find out what kind of parking is available and whether your guests will need to pay for it. If adequate parking isn’t available for all your guests, be sure to scope out nearby public lots or other parking options that are within walking distance of the venue and clearly indicate these options on your wedding invitations. Are There Any Restrictions? You may think that once you rent out a venue, such as Rosebud School Of The Arts, you have free reign to decorate it as you see fit. However, many venues have restrictions in place as required by their liability insurance policies. For example, you may not be allowed you use real candles in your centerpieces if your venue is indoors; instead, you’ll need to use flame-less candles to produce the same ambiance. Furthermore, if you have an outdoor venue, fireworks and confetti may also be...

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